The City of Tolleson, established among the underlying principle of “Honoring Our Past, Positioning Our Future”. Tolleson, now also known as the Paseo De Luces, is a place of communal gathering consisting of a welcoming atmosphere where all are able to assimilate into one cohesive society. Founded in 1912, we continue to value diversity, leadership and family which allow us to flourish together. Paseo De Luces’ Central Plaza of the town consists of bright, lustrous lights that illuminate this small city similarly to the innovative minds of the youth within the Tolleson Union High School district.
Within this district is the college preparatory high school, University High, which enforces this standard of innovation among its students. They are pushed beyond their limits to overachieve academically, improve as people intellectually, have an intelligent say within society and ultimately gain a deeper understanding of the world. They have been taught to believe in “harnessing the power of dreams” which has driven them towards a future that once seemed impossible. The generations of Tolleson consist of students of distinct ethnic backgrounds, each with a different story to tell. As adolescents who seek to understand the life surrounding them, they continue to maintain a lively and dynamic community by bringing forth new ideas that allow the town to prosper. 
Part of the Tolleson culture is to remember one’s roots by never forgetting where it all began because T-Town is home for everyone within it and it always will be. All thanks to Tolleson’s “Tradition of Excellence”, this ideology sets the standard for the livelihoods of all and is expected to live on for the generations of wolverines that are yet to come. Students are encouraged to pursue their dreams, to go beyond and seek to understand the world away from home. Not to be held back, but instead to thrive and make it beyond this Paseo de Luces towards a greater city with brighter lights that will illuminate their journey like no other.
By: Irene Franco- Founder/Editor-in-Chief
The Student News Site of University High School - AZ