Café Carts


Photographed By Fernanda Ruiz

Fernanda Ruiz, Events Reporter

As if being hungry is not enough, waiting in line to get a bite of anything to eat becomes frustrating with an empty stomach. Therefore, breakfast and lunch carts were established with the intention of shortening the long lines and providing a greater availability of breakfast.

In a recent interview with Tolleson Union High School’s Cafeteria Manager, Matthew Silva says, “The increase in students due to the fact that we are now an open enrollment campus encouraged us to find new ways to feed the students quickly and more efficiently.”

“Tolleson has become the busiest campus in the Tolleson Union High School District,” says Silva. Over 1900 lunches are served everyday by a twenty-member staff. Tolleson’s cafeteria had to appeal to breakfast and lunch carts for an easier and faster way to serve its’ students.

Compared to other schools, Tolleson is the only campus with 3 carts functioning and serving its’ students. Silva says, “We even had to borrow a cart from another school.”

A very new acquisition was the breakfast cart with the intention to serve students that are in a hurry. Students tend to come late to school without a proper breakfast.

“Sometimes I don’t have time to eat breakfast at home and even though it doesn’t compare to my nana’s cooking, it is better than not having anything at all,” says Stephanie, a Tolleson Union student.

Considering that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the kitchen staff implemented this method to get breakfast. Silva says, “Students were coming late after the bell so we made it easier for them so they wouldn’t have to walk all the way to the cafeteria.”

The cafeteria staff’s main focus is to provide the meals to all students at an efficient rate so they can obtain their food and consume it before the bell rings.

If the weather continues to remain cold, the breakfast carts will be available depending primarily on the demand. Do note that hot breakfast meals such as French toast, egg sandwiches and bagels are served inside the cafeteria and cold foods are available at the carts.

We must continue to thank Tolleson’s Cafeteria Staff for all their hard work and especially for putting the student’s needs above all like this community has always done.