Civic Leaders


Photographed By Irene Franco

On Thursday November 23, 2017, the city of Tolleson held its annual Charles A. Landis Thanksgiving Dinner in the Tolleson Union High School Cafenasium. Thanks to the Tolleson Service Committee’s commitment to serving the community and the dozens of student volunteers within the district, 2017 was another year of success. Although, the citizens within the Tolleson community, specifically members of the committee, believe there is so much more meaning behind events like these that truly reveal what Tolleson is all about.

Freddie Villalon, a member of the Tolleson Service Committee for fifteen years comments on the importance of being a civic member within the community. “We are the role models. It is my turn, our generation, to take care of the new generation. We set the tone for you guys, to take care of future generations. It’s our way of saying thank you to our community, our community leaders, our family and our friends for all that they’ve done.” Similarly, Armando Morado, the President of the Committee believes that the youth must fulfill their role within the community through their civic duty.

Not only is it encouraged to serve your community, it is necessary.”

— Armando Morado

Lupe Herrera, the head chef and board member of the committee coordinates and makes accommodations for the Thanksgiving Dinner as needed. Lupe decided to join in on the action along with others in 1982 because she noticed there was a need for this type of engaging and charitable event in the valley.

When asked about what the city of Tolleson means to her she responded, “Even though I’m from Texas, Tolleson is truly my hometown. I have lived in many other places but I really enjoy being part of this community mainly because of the people within it.”

Want to give back to your community? Find out how to take part in next year’s Thanksgiving Dinner at: