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Meet the Newest Members of the University High Staff!

Photographed By Marisma Espana

Photographed By Marisma Espana

Photographed By Marisma Espana

Meet the Newest Members of the University High Staff!

University High has come a long way over the years. When University High first opened its doors in 2006, the school started off with five teachers. This school year, we welcomed three new teachers into our community. These three new figures in our community were more than willing to give us the inside scoop into their lives as teachers.


Why Did You Become a Teacher?

Mr. Martin: “The real story goes back about twenty years ago. My previous career I was an archaeologist and I was working in North Cascades National Park and we did an excavation in an apple orchard and as part of the excavation we had volunteers come in from a local museum. They came in and there was adults, older people, and younger people and I got to work with the kids. While working with the...

How Long Have You Been Teaching?

Mr. Martin: “I started teaching in 2002 so about fifteen years.” Mr. Palma: “I took a break from teaching, but if you put all of the years together, I’m going on my fifth year at the high school level, and I taught a couple of years, about two-and-a-half years at the college level.” Mr. VanBibber: “This is my first year, so I’ve been teaching for two months now and it’s great.”

What is Your Favorite Grade to Teach?

Mr. Martin: “If you asked me that when I was teaching sixth grade I would have said sixth grade. If you would have asked me that when I was teaching fourth grade I would have said fourth grade. So honestly my favorite grade to teach is the grade I'm teaching right now. Which I'm teaching freshman and juniors and I like different things about them. What I like about freshmen is that they are fun. Ev...

Why Did You Choose to Teach at University High School?

Mr. Martin: “I didn't even know about University High prior to say two years ago. There was a kid that was on my sons soccer team, Gabriel and he had an older brother who went to University High and so I would talk to his parents and they would tell me about it. Then my son, Willem Martin became interested in going to University High and so he did go to and once he was here I got a chance to see ho...

What Would You Change About the American Education System?

Mr. Martin: “If the role of the teacher in society could be elevated to the same level as a doctor, lawyer, a real estate agent for that matter. If the teacher could be respected at that level as it is in other cultures, like middle eastern culture, you go to many asian cultures like Norway and Scandinavia, in those places teaching is considered up there not down here 'like you're a teacher, whatever...

What Do You Want Students to Know About You?

Mr. Martin: “I came into education because, this is going to sound like, I don't want to sound trite or pollyannaish or anything but I really do want to change the world, I do. I'm only one person but teachers can change the world, they can have impact. When I look at the students I had previously that have gone on to do amazing things, I know I can't take full credit for that but I can take partia...

Is There Anything Else You Would Like to Add?

Mr. Martin: “If there is anything else I want students to know is that teachers are human beings and if you could keep that in mind as students that teachers are human beings and they have foibles and we have things we do really well and things that we don't do so well, we have good days and we have bad days but that we always strive to be professionals regardless of what's happening during the d...

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