Daniel Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The Coachella music festival is held in the Indio Valley in southern California. It began in 1999 and has been held every April. The festival occurs over two consecutive weekends and attracts a multitude of artists from a variety of genres. Unlike Burning Man and EDC, this festival caters to fans of all genres and offers artists a great opportunity to gain recognition. This year’s famous performers including the talented Ariana Grande, Black Pink, and surprise performers Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj. The festival generated 45 million dollars in the two weekends and brought millions more to the surrounding hotels and bungalow rentals.

The headliner this year was Ariana Grande, her performance received many dazzling reviews, many praising her set-list and elaborate costuming. She included all of her hit singles: “Break Free”, “No Tears Left to Cry” and “Thank You, Next”. Some, however, criticize the set-list claiming that is was the same set-up from her Sweetener Tour.

Others criticize the performance of “7 Rings”, her latest hit single. The melody of the song was sampled from the hit musical The Sound of Music, specifically from the song “Favorite Things”. The writers of the song are suing Ariana Grande and her label for illegal sampling and wish to be compensated with 90% of the revenues earned from digital purchase, streaming and performances. Her Coachella set-list almost eliminated the performance of “7 Rings” to eliminate the risk of losing revenue. Ariana Grande’s representatives claim that the writers demand is unrealistic and will not be approved.

Although she performed the song and had to pay some royalties, she earned a whopping $5 million from the two weekend performances.