Tolleson Varsity Track and Field 2019

Kaiden Fesler, Staff Writer

The Tolleson Varsity Track and Field team and the top track athletes in Arizona participated in 3 main Invitationals over the past 3 weeks, including the Chandler Rotary Track Meet hosted at Chandler High School, The Copper Classic hosted at Copper Canyon High School, and the Westside Classic hosted at Deer Valley High School..  Several Tolleson athletes participated in the meets and performed very well. A few athletes medaled and also some set new personal records.Highlighted by athletes who qualified for the state competitions held at the end of the season. These athletes include John Brown, Anthony Medrano and Makayla Gillet. These athletes are great leaders on the team and have worked very hard not only this season but their hold track careers.

John Brown is a junior who is a two sport athlete in both Track and Football, playing Varsity for both sports. John is an athlete who is very competitive and is very hard working towards his goals. John is a leader on the Track team and is well respected by the team even being only a junior, the team recognizes his hard work and dedication which is contagious among other athletes on the team.

John’s path to where he is now has not been easy as he was a transfer student to Tolleson late in his sophomore year, and he strives to set an example for his siblings, when asked about his path to where he is Brown said, “ I have gotten to where i am by turning everybody’s doubts to motivation and worked my butt off to get here” and when Brown spoke on his plans for the rest of this season and looking toward next year in his senior season John said he wanted to “keep dropping my time and have more events to do at state”.

John’s most recent time for his 100m dash at the Copper Classic Meet was 11.12s. While John has grown and improved greatly over the season, he is still very anxious to get even better with the time left he has in his high school track career, his plans after high school are “To become the greatest athlete that ever came out of arizona and I hope to attend college”, John has greatness in his future with his great work ethic and love to continue to improve.

Another great leader and maybe the hardest working member of the team is senior Anthony Medrano, who has been in track since his sophomore year and was immediately was a standout thrower in both shot put and discus.Anthony qualified for state competition all three years he has been in track including this year.

Anthony’s road to where he is today has came from several inspirations within his family and also many decisions he had to make that would really affect his future, and when asked about how he has gotten to where he has Anthony said, “I’ve gotten where I am today in track by really being a student of the game, always being ready to learn new techniques and training hard.”

Anthony has shown his dedication to the sport and has truly been a top learner and teacher on the track team as he has really learned several ways to improve himself and his results while still being a great example and teacher for the younger athletes coming in to the program yearly. Anthony has qualified for state this year and is a top 10 discus thrower in the state of Arizona and is having a great season so far, Anthony’s recent mark at the Westside Classic Meet was 156.4ft on the discus throw and a 43.4ft on the shot-put at the Copper Classic Meet. His main goal for the rest of his senior season is “to go on to state and finish in the top 5” and Anthony definitely has the talent and the dedication to accomplish this.

This is the end on Anthony’s high school track career and when I asked him about his goal after high school and his response was, “Next year my plan is to go on to college and keep training and hopefully get all American honors in disc or weight throw” Anthony has been a student if the game and the future is bright for him and the Tolleson Track and Field program will forever hold his legacy and be grateful for his hard working mentality in his time at Tolleson.

Then lastly, another senior on this track team and a strong leader is Makayla Gillet. Makayla is also a thrower and a very hard worker at improving her craft. Makayla throws discus, shootout, and began throwing javelin this year also. Makayla has a great work ethic and has worked hard to get where she is at, when asked about her path to where she is today Makayla said, “ It took a lot of dedication with having to show up to practices everyday, as well as having that mental drive to want to get better. I also had to recognize the mistakes I was making and had to fix them through repetitive drills. And I definitely could not have gotten where I am without the coaching of both Coach Baker and Coach Soto.”

Makayla has done a great job improving over her time on the track team and has continually set an example for the younger core of throwers. Makayla’s most recent marks at the Copper Classic Meet were, 65.8ft in the discus throw, 25 ft in the shot-put throw at the Westside Classic Meet, and 45.7ft in the javelin throw and the Chandler Rotary. Although Makayla has shown great  improvement and has had a great senior season, she is still striving for more and has plans for the rest of her final season of high school track and field, “For the rest of the season, I plan to PR in all my events since these last meets and invitationals will be all I have left of my track career.” Makayla definitely has the ability to accomplish these things and has her team behind her along the way.

While Makayla is a great athlete, she is even more of a hardworking leader. Makayla plans to further her life embracing her leadership roles and will enlist in the U.S. Navy after high school, the Tolleson Track and Field program will always be grateful for Makayla’s great leadership and attitude towards the team.


Chandler Rotary


  1. John Brown, 100m dash, 11.56
  2. Andre Johnson, 200m dash, 23.62
  3. Junior Flores, 400m dash, 51.78
  4. Jalil Ali, 400m dash, 52.42
  5. 4x100m relay, 43.37
  6. 4x400m relay, 3:33.52
  7. 4x800m relay, 8:53.02
  8. distance medley relay, 12:26.42
  9. Kory Barnes, High jump, 5-07.00
  10. Andre Johnson, Long Jump, 20-09.00
  11. John Brown, Long Jump, 20-06.00
  12. Shemar Wilson, Triple Jump, 33-10.00
  13. Anthony Medrano, Discus, 156-03.00
  14. Randy Babchuk, Discus, 107-06.00
  15. Camron Watkins, Discus, 104-05.00
  16. Anthony Medrano, Shot Put, 42-06.50
  17. Jonathan Mascarenas, Shot Put, 41-08.00
  18. Camron Watkins, Shot Put, 39-09.00


  1. Rose Moore, 100m dash, 13.18
  2. Kaiah James, 200m dash, 28.46
  3. Jordyn Robinson, 400m, 1:07.49
  4. Debra Boswell, 800, 2:47.82
  5. Brianna Aguilar, 1600, 6:13.21
  6. Katelyn Cuin, 3200, 13:50.50
  7. 4x100m relay, 51.34
  8. 4×200 relay, 1:56.39
  9. 800m sprint medley relay, 2:08.25
  10. 4x400m relay, 4:35.24
  11. 4x800m relay, 10:59.60
  12. Carolaiza Gleason, Long Jump, 13-08.50
  13. Jordyn Robinson, Triple Jump, 28-09.00
  14. Makayla Gillet, Discus 64-04.,00
  15. Makayla Gillett, Javelin , 45-07.00
  16. Makayla Gillet, Shot-put  20-01.50


Copper Classic


  1. John Brown, 100m dash, 11.12s,PR
  2. Kory Barnes, 200m dash, 23.33s, PR
  3. Junior Flores, 400m run, 51.75,PR
  4. Jalil Ali, 400m run, 53.45s,PR
  5. Devon Ortega, 800m run, 2:05.65s, PR
  6. Hector Fontes,110m hurdles, 18.95s,PR
  7. 4x100m relay, 43.85s
  8. 4×400 relay, 3:39.40s
  9. 4×800 relay, 8:21.01s
  10. Anthony Medrano, Shot-put,43.4m
  11. Jonathan Mascarenas, shot-put, 43.1m
  12. Camron Watkins,shot-put, 38.05m
  13. Anthony Medrano,discus, 143.01m
  14. Camron Watkins,discus, 105.8m
  15. Jonathan Mascarenas, 122.5m
  16. Andre Johnson, High jump, 21.2 ft
  17. John Brown, High jump, 21.2 ft
  18. Shemar Wilson, Triple jump, 38.3 ft


  1. Rose Moore,100m dash, 12.78s,PR
  2. Carolaiza Gleason,100m dash, 13.12s,PR
  3. Kaiah James, 100m dash, 13.14s,PR
  4. Rose Moore, 200m dash, 26.94s,PR
  5. Brianna Aguilar, 800m run, 2:44.45s,PR
  6. Illiana Moraila, 800m run, 2:46.35s,PR
  7. Arlette Aguilera, 3200m run, 15:01.45s,PR
  8. Felicia Rodriguez, 3200m, 15:17.42s, PR
  9. 4x400m relay, 4:35.4s
  10. 4x800m relay, 10:54.75s
  11. Makayla Gillet, Shot-put, 24.2m
  12. Makala Gillet, discus, 65.8m
  13. Makayla Gillet, Javelin, 37.8m
  14. Carolaiza Gleason, Long jump, 15.75 ft
  15. Jordyn Robinson, Triple Jump, 28.9 ft


Westside Classic


  1. John Brown, 100m dash, 11.3s
  2. Andre johnson, 200m dash, 23.24s, PR
  3. Dustin Beltran, 400m run, 54.24s, PR
  4. Dustin Beltran, 800m run, 2:05.14s, PR
  5. Colby Aguayo, 1600m run, 5:09.30s, PR
  6. Ricardo Martinez, 3200m run, 10:57.29s, PR
  7. 4x100m relay, 44.27s
  8. 4x400m relay, 3:33.46s
  9. 4×800 relay,8:28.45s
  10. Jonathan Mascarenas, shot-put, 43.9 ft
  11. Anthony Medrano,shot put, 43.2 ft
  12. Anthony Medrano, discus, 156.4 ft, PR
  13. Jonathan Mascarenas, javelin, 113.4 ft
  14. Kory Barnes, High Jump, 5.11 ft, PR
  15. Andre Johnson, Long Jump, 21.2 ft, PR
  16. John Brown, Long Jump, 21 ft
  17. Shemar Wilson, Triple Jump, 38.5 ft, PR


  1. Rose Moore, 100m dash, 12.9s
  2. Rose Moore, 200m dash, 26.97s
  3. Jordyn Robinson, 400m run, 1:08.72s
  4. Isabella Partida, 800m run, 2:41.36s,PR
  5. Katelyn Cuin, 3200m run, 14:02.82s
  6. 4x100m relay, 50.99s
  7. Makayla Gillet, Shot-Put, 25 ft
  8. Valeria Garcia, Discus, 76.8 ft
  9. Makayla Gillet, Javelin, 41.7ft
  10. Carolaiza Gleason, Long Jump, 15.1 ft, PR
  11. Jordyn Robinson, Triple Jump, 29.9 ft