2019-2020 Student Council Elections

Robert Landing, Editor

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With every new school year upon Tolleson, there is always one thing students can look forward to. Student council elections take place before the end of the year. Anticipations are high as people wonder about who is going to be our new council for the new year. Each year every class elects new members or returning ones, to serve as their representatives. Now the process to become of council member is a little taxing. First you have to get 100+ signatures depending on the position you are running for. Once that is completed, potential members have to campaign whether that is through posters, cards, videos, etc. Lastly, members will make speeches and speak during A&B lunch. Soon members will hear if they made it into the council or not. Now with election day happening we saw a lot of returnees making it into the council by default and others having to face off against one another for a spot into the council. The atmosphere seemed very calm and warming. People who were going against each other showed great sportsmanship and cheered on their opponent. I am so excited to see where this new council goes because I know that each member has everyone’s best interest at heart.