Tolleson Boys and Girls Tennis

Angelina Acero, Editor

Tolleson Union High School tennis 2018-2019 season has officially started. The spring sports, girls and boys tennis team, has been taking on other high school tennis teams in their division since the kickoff of their season on February 28.

Competing in the Southwest Division the boys Tolleson tennis team has an standing at #2. The talented boys tennis team is ranked #33 with an overall of 3-2. On their season opener against North High School the boys dominated with a grand total of 9-0. Following their big win, the boys tennis team battled against Trevor G. Browne High School but ultimately came up short as they lost, 4-5. In a challenging match against Gilbert High School, the Tolleson boys tennis team lost 3-6. To break their losing streak, the boys tennis team defeated Maryvale High School 8-1. Adding another win to their list, the boys Tolleson tennis team beat Central High School 8-1. The Tolleson tennis team has since lost three more games to Verrado, Shadow Ridge and Westview. Their last two wins were against Maricopa and La Joya with both scores having a big lead. As the season continues, there are only 2 more games before the season ends. The next home game for boys Tolleson tennis is on April 9 at 3:30 p.m. against Millennium High School.

Also competing in the Southwest Division, the Tolleson girls tennis team has a standing at #2. The girls tennis team has a ranking at #34 and an overall record of 2-2 so far. In the girls tennis season opener they competed against North High School and brought back a win with a total score of 7-2. Following their first game win, the girls tennis team were neck and neck with Trevor G. Brown High School but lost the battle, 4-5. The girls tennis team then defeated Gilbert High School 7-2. In their game against Central High School, the girls Tolleson tennis team lost, 2-7. Following this loss the girls tennis team won two games in a row against Alhambra and Maryvale. The girls tennis team then went on to be defeated repeatedly against Verrado, Maricopa, and Shadow Ridge. To break the losing drought the girls tennis team fought back to win three straight games in a row against La Joya, Westview, and Copper Canyon. With 2 games remaining in the Tolleson season, the next home game is against Valley Vista on April 11 at 3:30 p.m.

Come out to support the boys and girls Tolleson tennis team before the season ends!