Jonas Brothers Unite

Daniel Rodriguez, Staff Writer

After ending a five year hiatus, the Jonas brother have reunited. They released a new single March first title “Sucker,” the track has swept the attention of the public and received multiple accolades from critics and the newly revived fan base. The music video depicts a unique take of the lives of the rich and famous, featuring lavish parties and expensive costuming and artwork. The story line telling of a relationship in which the man can’t help but give in to his girlfriend. He can’t help but shower his significant other in gifts but he acknowledges that his infatuation is destructive. This song has shot to the top position on the billboard hot 100 earning them their first #1. This has been partially attributed to their change in labels, initially with Hollywood records but the change to Republic Records with exclusive rights to Universal Music. The Jonas Brothers have secured their place in the music industry as an actual boy band possessing longevity and a loyal fan base. They have sold a total of 17 million records and received three platinum certifications for three of their studio albums released with Hollywood records. With proper promotion and many TV appearances, their comeback album could top the charts. Nick and Joe have separate fan bases on their own from their solo music, the combination of those groups with the old Disney fan base has created an invincible force. Their change in sound and image has progressed nicely as their audience has also aged since the teeny bopper days.

UPDATE: According to a Republic Records representative for the Jonas Brothers, they will be performing at the Billboard Music Awards on May 1st, the performance will be broadcasted on ABC. This news was announced following the release of their much anticipated second single Cool, it has been praised by critics as a ode to the 1980s. Their momentum continues to gain ground and their comeback is as strong as ever,  Cool has been certified Gold by the RIAA and peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.




image cred: via Instagram

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