Robert Landing, Editor

This past week, our school had its last assembly of the year in celebration of our 2019 winter sports. This year our winter assemblies theme was Pokemon! Each class had a different Pokemon type, Freshmen were earth, Sophomores were water, Juniors were fire, and Seniors were electric. This assembly was one of the most decorated ones yet due to the many Pokemon there are to create. One thing that the Seniors were excited about was the ceremony that goes on during the last assembly. We shared our favorite pictures over the last 4 years and the Stuco seniors said  their final goodbyes. Alongside our assembly we had a spirit week that is super exciting to dress for. On Monday was Grass Type where everyone wore Hawaiian gear, Tuesday was Water Type where people wore their water gear, Wednesday was Electric Type where everyone wore neon gear, Thursday was Pokemon Trainer day where everyone either wore athletic gear or Pokemon attire, and then Friday was all types day where everyone wore their class colors. Freshmen: Green, Sophomores: Blue, Juniors: Red, Seniors: Yellow, Faculty and Staff: Black. At the assembly, the juniors sashed their favorite seniors and said a speech about them. The junior that gave me mine was Nico and I loved every part of the sash. It had a rainbow flag on the back along with theater faces and my name down the front. In my opinion the assemblies went smoothly, but they were incredibly boring and nobody seem interested in it. I loved being apart of the entire thing and I am grateful for having my last assembly.