Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Dating. How could something as simple as meeting up with someone you are interested in be so stressful? This ordeal could make someone even more nervous when they may not have enough cash to really have a good time. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you could be running out of time to score a date with that special person. Well, never fear, I have come up with a list of 5 cheap date options that won’t break the bank and ensure your time with your partner is enjoyable.

  1. Picnic Under the Stars  
    • Estrella Star Tower is one of the most beautiful local places to Stargaze. Bring a couple of your favorite snacks and a blanket and there you have it, a very romantic and unique date.
    • S Estrella Pkwy, Goodyear, AZ 85338
  2. Movie Night
    • If you don’t really want to leave the comfort of your home then invite your guy or gal over to watch some movies. Pop some popcorn and you have a simple date. This may not be too good for a first date but when you two are comfortable this could definitely be an excellent option.
  3. Quality Fast Food
    • Now, I’m not suggesting you take someone out to McDonald’s and order from the dollar menu because that might decrease your chances of a second date — Unless of course your date likes that kind of stuff. Instead, I would suggest something like In-N-Out or Habit. For extra points, you could take your date on a late night drive with the right kind of music and deep conversations while you enjoy your affordable and delicious meal.
  4. First Friday
    • On the first Friday of every month, live music and art fill the streets of downtown. Now I know that sounds extremely expensive, but what if I told you it was completely free? Well, leave your wallet at home, unless you want some food course. If you or your date is an artsy kind of person, I would definitely suggest this as a great date.
  5. Make Dinner
    • A great way to prove to your date that you are a suitable partner in the long run is by cooking up a delicious meal. Making your own food is usually less expensive than going out, and you can show off your skills in the kitchen. But maybe you don’t know how to cook?  Just look up a Buzzfeed Tasty video and viola! A fresh meal prepared by you.



With this list of dates you should never have to worry about spending a fortune to have a good time with someone you are meeting for the first time or love. Happy Valentines Day!