Arizona Association of Student Councils Weekend


Robert Landing, Editor

A couple of weeks ago, Tolleson Student Council went to a state convention in Prescott! The convention is known as the Arizona Association of Student Councils! AASC takes 12 council members from every school in Arizona and brings them to a hosting school for a weekend full of leadership, love, and acceptance.

Our StuCo set off on a two hour ride into freezing Prescott Valley! The first day’s theme was dress as your favorite decade, and of course we went with Rugrats because who doesn’t love the 90s era? We eventually got to the school and the long awaited convention started. We were incredibly moved by the introduction and keynote speaker who talked about bravery and the will to be different in our schools.

The next day was future day and we dressed in our maroon cap and gowns. However, we faced some struggles with our bus and were an hour late to day two. We listened to another keynote speaker who spoke about team bonding. then branched off into various workshops. Later that day we had a candle light ceremony and the greatly anticipated dance that did not disappoint. Then on the last day we watched the award ceremony and took our 2 hour ride back to Tolleson. All in all, I was thankful that I got to capture my last AASC weekend and be able to share it with the Tolleson Community.