Puppy Bowl: Recap

Angelina Acero, Editor

Puppies playing football, cats performing during the halftime show, and kangaroos as cheerleaders, what more could a person ask for during a game? During this year’s puppy bowl, there was a very high-staked trophy on the line, the Lombarky Trophy, that team ruff and team fluff competed for. Two teams composed of 93 adoptable dogs from 53 shelters across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica, competed for this trophy during the Puppy Bowl XV.

To start off the first half, team ruff came out dominating with a touchdown by Emmitt. With team ruff with an early lead, Brady on team fluff fumbles the toy but hustles to the end zone in the following play. As Brady from team fluff ties the game, Dawn from team ruff answers with a touchdown, giving team ruff a lead of 14-7. Emmitt from team fluff confuses end zones and scores in team ruff’s end zone but the refs still give them the touchdown, tying it up at 14-14. As the bigger dogs take the field, team fluff takes this opportunity to take the lead and do so thanks to Marisol with a touchdown. Unfortunately for team fluff, their lead did not last long as Pistachio makes a touchdown for team ruff to tie it up at 21-21. Puppies making field goals seems impossible but not to Ace from team fluff as he scores a field goal to take the lead at 24-21. Bumble follows his teammate, Ace, and makes another field goal for team fluff, making the score 27-21. Team ruff has not scored in some time but Prince Harry breaks this silence by scoring a touchdown for team ruff taking the lead, 28-27. With her second score of the game, Bumble scores a field goal for team fluff as they go into halftime with team fluff leading, 30-28.

While the puppies took their well-deserved break for halftime, Animal Planet had the Kitten Halftime Show entertain the viewers. During the highly anticipated halftime show, the band Purr-oon 5 rocked the Puppy Bowl. Their lead performer, Adam Feline, performed effortlessly as well as the rest of the band. Performing their one of many hits, “Meows Like Jagger,” was one for the books.

Getting into the second half, team ruff returns by making a touchdown making the score, 35-30. As both teams continue to score back and forth, the score rises to 42-37 with team ruff in the lead. With their second touchdown in a row, Bugsy Waltzes scores another touchdown for team ruff making the lead now 49-37. Team ruff shows how bad they want the Lombarky Trophy by continuously scoring with a touchdown by Pirate to make it a 19 point lead. To respond to this 19 point deficit, Gallagher, responds with a double touchdown for team fluff to close the gap to 56-51. To end the close game, Hank scores a field goal for team ruff to make the ending score 59-51. This loss ends team fluff’s two year winning streak. The new acclaimed champions are now team ruff.

Of course, some of these adoptable puppies could not go unrecognized for their excellent work during this year’s Puppy Bowl. In an online vote for MVP, Bumble stole the audiences heart allowing him to steal the title of Most Valuable Player. Defying all odds, was Will, a puppy with a prosthetic leg took home the Underdog Award. Including Bumble and Will, 36 of the 93 dogs have special needs that do not phase them. All the puppies who participated in the puppy bowl are in need of a home and are ready for adoption.