The Future is Seniors

Robert Landing, Editor

With second semester upon, seniors are now getting ready for graduation. We are so excited to see what is in store for our seniors. However, nobody has the same exact dream. Some might want to go into the labor force, military, or may not even know what the future holds. Whatever the case may be, we are excited to see what’s in store for our seniors. Like me personally, I plan on going to ASU to study Business Marketing with a Double Major in Musical Theater and a certificate in teaching. Post- university I want to pursue Broadway and be casted into my favorite musical: Hamilton.

I interviewed many different seniors and selected a few to see what their plans are for the future.

Senior Alejandro Castro: “My plans for after high school is just to go to community college until i figure out what’s best for me, and what i really want to do. One of my favorite memories from high school was making my first close friend when i moved to Tolleson since i’m shy and didn’t know how to talk to people.”

Senior Miguel Escalante: “So after high school I plan on going to college. Still not sure about where I’ll be going but I’m hoping I figure it out soon.  Honestly, I think I’m going to miss the people. That includes students and staff. I just felt like I had very great friendships with a lot of people and I was very comfortable around everyone as well. Those were the people that would help me through the day and put me in a good mood.”

Senior Morgan Mather: “Well for funniest memory during my sophomore year for our stuco float I was dressed up as Alice in wonderland and like 5 min before the parade was about to start and we needed something I can’t remember what, but I ran across campus to get it  and everyone was looking at me funny. And on the way back my flats were being a hindrance so I took them off and started running barefoot And I saw a security guard and asked for a ride, and he told me NO! And I knew I had seen him driving others around campus and I was so mad! Because here I was dressed up as Alice, running barefoot, trying to get to my float when the parade started in literally 1 min, and he rejected me. I plan on going to BYUI and studying sociology and international development. And I’ll miss all of the UH seniors because they are honestly the greatest human beings ever. Also I’ll miss having teachers who actually care about my success.”

Senior Alba Perdoza: “well i plan to attend mesa community college and enroll in there photography program, and work at a magazine company. one of my favorite memories was hoco i met very nice and cool people.”