There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Kaiden Fesler, Staff Writer

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For the past year and a half, there has been a new face in charge here on campus as our principal. His name is Principle Felipe Madurranga is a former student, soccer coach, and University High teacher here in our community. In a recent interview with Principal Mandurraga of Tolleson High School, we get more insight into his views on education, youth, and his communities. As a leader in our community, raised in Tolleson and have shown success out of our community. We learn his ideas and feeling towards our community and how it has helped him and how it can help those who live in it now. Mandurraga has been a student, teacher, and coach here at THS. As a student here at THS Mandurraga said he did not have the easiest high school experience, but what helped him through was the impact his teachers and coaches had on him. He says without the help of the leaders in our school he would have gotten into some trouble and him grateful that he didn’t. Because of this Mandurraga highly encourages having strong relationships with the leaders on our campus and see what they have to offer. Mandurraga strives to have the same impact his teachers had on him, on his students here in THS and UH. Mandurraga was also a soccer coach here in 2010 when THS won the Soccer State Championship. As he says it was amazing to win a state championship, his best thing to come out the that was the team he won with. Not one of the players from the state championship team went on to play soccer at a major University, but all of them went on to be great men. He says he was finally able to show what Tolleson had to offer, and he believes he can do the same thing with the Students here in Tolleson. He believes all student have it in them to be great and show everyone how hard working, intelligent and dedicated they are. Then finally Madurraga was also one of the first teachers in University High. He speaks very highly of University High students and their work ethic. Mandurraga said, “ We have 500 of the greatest minds in the state on our campus”. Mandurraga says that having UH student on campus helps everyone and it spreads the desire to work hard in school and to be successful. Mandurraga also stresses that the community heavily helps the high school students. First, he said that most of our City Council is made up of THS graduates, who have a lot of pride in the high school and who help students become successful. These council members are men and women that view our community and education system as one big family. Also the Tolleson community such as THS Alumni, our elders, and even many of our parents as they helped pass the grant that helps the funding of the schools and also helps the students by paying for AP test, supplies, and more opportunities. Then Mandurraga was giving some advice for our student here in Tolleson and University High. He says that the best advice he can give is that lower classmen, especially freshman, should work extra hard in the first two years. Working hard freshman and sophomore year and getting the best grades possible. From what we have learned from Madurranga we can continue to build better relationships and use what he is showing and helping us with to be successful out this community just like them. As Principal Madurranga as lived out many of his dreams and has found success in several different fields of employment. He is a great example of what’s hard work in our community can result in.Next time you see Mr.Mandurraga around school make sure to say thank you and wave.