Is Fashion Your Passion?

Robert Landing, Editor

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Photo Credits: Veronica de Guzman(Senior)

Spending a lot of money on an article of clothing isn’t exactly ideal. I love a good bargain especially when it comes to my pocket and looking good. Going thrift shopping is great way to find super stylish retro fashion and often times they are heavy articles of clothing that you can wear for fall! But say one might  have the luxury to spend a little more on clothing but does not want to spend all of your money, places such as Target and H&M are great places to find fashionable fall clothing.

Though some may dress fashion over function or comfort over style, 2018 fall fashion has great trends for all. Let’s talk colors! No one can go wrong with a nice maroon, brown, or dark yellow. These colors will add a little pop and dimension to all outfits! For all of those ladies looking to branch out a bit, but want to stay comfortable, A simple blue, high rise jean that is distress at the knees, a form fitting shirt, long cotton cardigan, with a pair of converse or vans, or booties will do your outfit. During this fall season, expect to see a lot of layers! Layers are good way to add dimension to any outfit. For example, say its a nippy day out and want to be bundled up but fashionable. You can wear a regular tee, a flannel, and a jean jacket to go over to ensure that not only is someone warm, they look super cute.

Now on our campus we can see students and teachers dressing in great fashion. The people featured in these pictures show Tolleson what best dressed truly is.

Ms. Kennedy: UH English Teacher

What do you like about fashion? “You get to express yourself through fashion”

What type of clothing do you like? “I like bargain shopping and personal touches” proceeded to show me her pins that she is incredibly proud of!

Ms Kennedy showed me her beautiful leather, brown Lucky Brand bag that she got from last chance for $40 which is a STEAL!!

Raven Padilla- Senior

“I don’t really follow a ‘style’ I just like to where whatever looks nice”

Is there any look that you won’t try?

I would never wear a punk look, you know like black painted nails or a chains on my pants. That just isn’t for me”


Aaliyah Brambila- Junior

“I love to thrift and put things together that I think would look nice”

Is there anyone that you look up to for fashion?

“No not really I just send a picture to Mel (refers to fellow junior Melissa Ayala) to see if it looks nice


Roberto Ruiz Felix- Sophomore

“We just need to normalize individuality”

How do you describe your style?

“ I try to go for a vintage look: Balenciaga meets old school”

Any fashion or style advice?

Just be you and don’t ever care about what other people say or think.”